Emirates SkyCargo is the world’s leading international cargo airline and Emirates Fresh is their global solution for the movement of perishable products using state-of-the-art Cool Chain facilities. 

The Creative Concept: In an industry where the ability to deliver fresh perishables is everything, the  Emirates Fresh launch flew in the face of the usual approach to advertising. The concept was to shock the consumer with the risks involved in the transportation of perishable goods and to highlight that, without the expertise of Emirates Fresh, this is a reality that they would likely face. 

Innovation: Using impactful images of rotting and decaying goods, the consumers were exposed to their worst fears: melted, wilted and shrivelled produce no longer fit for human consumption. Once the visuals had grabbed attention and exposed the risks, the supporting text provided the Emirates Fresh solution.

Relevance to the target audience: In the perishable goods Industry, ensuring freshness is vital to business and fundamental in the client’s selection of service providers. By highlighting that they are not afraid of their customer’s biggest fears, Emirates Fresh goes straight to the heart of the target audience and allays their anxiety. 

Relevance to the brand: The transportation of perishable goods is fraught with difficulty and the risks are a well-known hazard to shippers. The stark imagery of wilted and perished produce showcases the utter confidence of Emirates Fresh in its Cool Chain solutions, and reinforces the brand concept of efficiency, quality and service.